Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We won't have an official registration for this event, but please post your evcent details here on this blog.

Later you will be able to post photos and event reports.

We hope many of you will join us on this last day of the IYA. We have astronomers around the world taking scopes out on the evening of Dec 31st to watch the sun set on this busy year.


Azhy Astro said...

Hi every one....
Lets make a Very nice and really deserved Good Bye event for the Historical YEAR OF ASTRONOMY 2009 on that day...And sure this was just the beginning.

Azhy Hasan
Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan

Mohamed said...

I am new to this. Where do you guys meet? Do I have to have a telescope to join this event.

Donna Smith said...

DUSK in Burbank, Ca.

Early in the evening, John Dobson, Inara Scwharts, Mike Sepulveda and Donna Smith took two telescopes out, one 8" and one 10". We set up near Barney's on 1st street and had about 50 people stop to look at Jupiter. We stayed there from about 5pm until about 6:30, when we moved up closer to the theater entrance to observe the Moon.

We were joined by Sidewalk Astronomers George Willis and Leslie Kendall, as well as Sawsan and her son Ben. Sawsan's older son had built a telescope with John a few years ago.

Overall, we had about 300 people get a chance to observe. Everyone was very excited by the moons of Jupiter and our own Blue Moon!

Armando Lee said...

We participated in the Dusk of IYA here in Pasay City Philippines last December 31, 2009. Free public viewing session was given from 7pm to 10pm infront of Astrocamp Observatory in SMBY Park in SM Mall of Asia Complex. Views of Jupiter and the Galilean satellites were given from Dusk to around 8:30pm then views of the Moon through an apochromat telescope was given up to 10pm. Live webcast of the event was done via
Video clips of the event can be seen in that website. There were approximately 500 people that participated and we were blessed with clear sky all throughout the event.